Kate Bishop: Who is the other Hawkeye?

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Take Aim with Kate Bishop!
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  1. Yamani Bryant-McCray
    Yamani Bryant-McCray
    Před 7 dny

    Holy crap that was so much info my mind

  2. Vape cat !
    Vape cat !
    Před 11 dny


  3. Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Před 15 dny

    Kate Bishop can Learning to horse Archery?

  4. deadpool The joker
    deadpool The joker
    Před 17 dny

    If The mcu can make me love kate bishop I'll truly be surprised.

  5. Beck s
    Beck s
    Před 18 dny

    I miss West Coast Avengers, I hope the TV show does something with an unhinged Gwenpool and Jeff the Shark. We need Landsharks and MODOK.

  6. Trevor
    Před 23 dny


  7. Chup Bey!
    Chup Bey!
    Před 25 dny

    I hope they give Barton the farewell he deserves.

  8. Cheruapalli Sridavi
    Cheruapalli Sridavi
    Před 26 dny

    That's hailee steinfeld I know

  9. Wahab Rahman
    Wahab Rahman
    Před 26 dny

    since she gets a live-action MCU debut, she should start the A-Force with she-hulk, captain marvel, ms. marvel, and the MCU invisible woman

  10. Dope Elite
    Dope Elite
    Před 27 dny

    When she said Giant-girl instead of stature : |

    Před 27 dny


  12. Caleb Hill
    Caleb Hill
    Před 28 dny

    Young avengers... NAHHHH .....Mini Marvel Is a better name

  13. たけしんの鉄拳チャンネル
    Před 28 dny


  14. seth410
    Před 28 dny

    Clint is the other Hawkeye.

  15. bella k
    bella k
    Před 28 dny

    I love kate bishop as much as kate bishop loves purple

  16. Shean Jules Espinoza
    Shean Jules Espinoza
    Před 29 dny

    I can't wait to see Hailee Steinfeld portray her! She will surely kill it!

  17. Kim Sunoo
    Kim Sunoo
    Před měsícem

    I hope they put wiccan and speed in those young avengers

    Před měsícem

    I haven't read the comics but from the pictures in this video, I can see that Clint really is deaf. I already knew that the show was going to go deeper into him but I am even more excited now. Jeremy Renner is the best Hawkeye and I will always love him. I am so excited!!

  19. Carly Rosenbloom
    Carly Rosenbloom
    Před měsícem

    Me, a Young Avengers megafan, seeing all the new shows and movies on the way: *it's all coming together*

  20. Emotional Bruises :,D
    Emotional Bruises :,D
    Před měsícem

    2:44 please 😭😭😭

  21. venusable —
    venusable —
    Před měsícem

    very much interesting

  22. wuntyme100
    Před měsícem

    So where is the "Jordan Peterson is Red Skull" vid? Been waiting for that bit..wtf..

  23. Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro
    Před měsícem

    “Ironically, when Disney fired Gina for her opinions it inadvertently proved her point.” - Forbes

    1. Belac .Howard
      Belac .Howard
      Před měsícem

      You do know that marvel had nothing to do with that right? Go to a Lucasfilm video and post your comments there cause marvel and starwars r 2 different things bud

  24. Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro
    Před měsícem

    “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

  25. Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro
    Před měsícem

    “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano

  26. Noble Aiiro
    Noble Aiiro
    Před měsícem

    “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano

  27. Vaishnav S Mallya
    Vaishnav S Mallya
    Před měsícem

    Then what does Lila Barton do?

  28. Lan Anh Pham
    Lan Anh Pham
    Před měsícem

    I love woman Hawkeye

  29. Chang Siah Lim
    Chang Siah Lim
    Před měsícem

    The recent Marvel video game told us who she is

  30. Anna M.
    Anna M.
    Před měsícem


  31. lucky ME
    lucky ME
    Před měsícem


  32. jose ap santos
    jose ap santos
    Před měsícem

    Boa Tarde, um belo vídeo muito bom.

  33. Violet Flower
    Violet Flower
    Před měsícem

    Clint Barton is my favorite Hawkeye because I know him the best and cause he is humorous.

  34. Jordan T. Maxwell
    Jordan T. Maxwell
    Před měsícem

    Love Kate! One of my favorite characters in both incarnations of the Young Avengers, partnered with Hawkguy, and on her own...AND leading the latest incarnation of the West Coast Avengers (no love, Marvel? For shame! ;) )! Excited to see her in live action played by one of my favorite young actors as well!

  35. Jamie Harper
    Jamie Harper
    Před měsícem

    The best Hawkeye 👍

  36. Owen Bumgarner
    Owen Bumgarner
    Před měsícem

    Nah Clint will always be better

  37. Joshua 524
    Joshua 524
    Před měsícem

    I sense a "Young Avengers" MCU entry incoming ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  38. Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood
    Před měsícem

    fake artemis

  39. Shockblast_Cannon
    Před měsícem

    so excited to see Hailee as Kate 😍 I love her to death and I don’t doubt she’ll do an amazing job

  40. Катя Тетюшкина
    Катя Тетюшкина
    Před měsícem


  41. WarriorX Gamer
    WarriorX Gamer
    Před měsícem

    We want quicksilver and vision back

  42. Any Thing
    Any Thing
    Před měsícem

    This is coming .

  43. MidnightCereal
    Před měsícem

    I guess she's just explain how the future mcu saga is

  44. J Bagger
    J Bagger
    Před měsícem

    Well, her dad would tell her to clean her room and organize her archery equipment...

  45. Singers club
    Singers club
    Před měsícem

    Marvel plzz make a classic scene of Mahabharata. Hawkeye shooting arrows using powerful bow aand arrow....

  46. Y2JFan94
    Před měsícem

    Ummm. "Giant-Girl"? WRONG. It's STATURE!! But Stinger is better!

  47. Unstoppable
    Před měsícem

    It would be sick if in What If that Marvel Vs. DC was in there

  48. HawkeyeMK1
    Před měsícem

    You mean the shittier Hawkeye? Clint is superior in every way

    1. C-MC Official
      C-MC Official
      Před měsícem


  49. spider kid
    spider kid
    Před měsícem

    Clint Barton og

  50. The Blissful Rudra_02
    The Blissful Rudra_02
    Před měsícem

    So in the Falcon & the Winter Soldier premiere video on CStree, the actress Marvel teased alongside Clint Barton for the upcoming Hawkeye series, could be actually playing Kate Bishop. So we are now gonna be introduced with the Young Avengers in all these TV series. 😃👏👏 Tom & Billy have been introduced in Wanda Vision. Ant Man's daughter Casey is already there taking detective lessons from her father. And now the 4th member, Kate's gonna be introduced soon as well. ⚡🔮🐜🏹🎯

    1. Daood Ahmad
      Daood Ahmad
      Před měsícem

      Patriot in falcon and winter soldier

  51. unspeakable
    Před měsícem

    I knew someone was named late bishop or God told me

  52. Kyle Taylor
    Kyle Taylor
    Před měsícem

    Oh, so it's the "make the dude an idiot so the girl is a better" trope. Also, I hate characters with the same name and powers. Just makes the OG character feel unnecessary and not as epic.

  53. Williem DeFriend
    Williem DeFriend
    Před měsícem

    Can't wait for Kate to show up in the MCU she's my best character in the Avengers game

  54. Lexa Kom Trikru
    Lexa Kom Trikru
    Před měsícem

    AnD hEr BfF, mIsS aMeRiCa Naaa, I think they‘re more than just BfFs 🤔 Sorry 🤣

  55. Phred Bookley
    Phred Bookley
    Před měsícem

    They must have had a competition at some point. Who can outshoot whom? (Comparable to a red speedster racing a man in a red cape)

  56. vaeroux
    Před měsícem


  57. Scarves& HikingBoots
    Scarves& HikingBoots
    Před měsícem

    Kate Bishop is my all time favourite Marvel character

  58. ComradeCookies
    Před měsícem

    Clint barton is better

  59. jonas dixon
    jonas dixon
    Před měsícem

    I love Kate but I don't get why y'all disrespecting my boy though

  60. Benjamin Spears
    Benjamin Spears
    Před měsícem

    It would be awesome if you listed the comic book issues that are on Marvel Unlimited that you cover in the video. I thought I had read most of the Kate/Hawkeye stuff but I’ve totally missed some of the early stuff and it’s sometimes hard to find it in the search on MU.

  61. klloyd plata
    klloyd plata
    Před měsícem

    I really want a very new Marvel comicbook series for Kate Bishop because that's what Marvel do before releasing a film or Television series, they will have to make a prequel comic.

  62. klloyd plata
    klloyd plata
    Před měsícem

    I really think that Hailee Steinfeld will be managing and handling this very hard-working to ensure Marvel superfans that women are very truly strong and empowered. 💜💜💜🏹🏹🎯🎯🍕🐶

    1. klloyd plata
      klloyd plata
      Před měsícem

      @C-MC Official I really don't care about your comment. What's your problem? What's your point? How do you know she sucks at acting? Then, what is acting to you?

  63. Elena LeBoutillier
    Elena LeBoutillier
    Před měsícem

    Do toxic animated origins

  64. Nuwan Delacruz
    Nuwan Delacruz
    Před měsícem

    Hailee is gonna be a bomb. Probably the next face of MCU

  65. Amanda K.
    Amanda K.
    Před měsícem

    Thanks for making such a fun video!!! I love both Hawkeyes. Still, Kate's definitely cooler. That's why she got custody of the dog. You didn't mention it, but I wish the West Coast Avengers run with the Hawkeyes lasted longer....

  66. Loverainbow Osman
    Loverainbow Osman
    Před měsícem

    This is great but why did you refer to Hulkling as just Wiccan's love interest? Come on, he is more than that.

    1. Loverainbow Osman
      Loverainbow Osman
      Před měsícem

      @Nuwan Delacruz Exactly, he is half kree half skrull and a royal to both worlds. One of the biggest origins in the Marvel Universe.

    2. Nuwan Delacruz
      Nuwan Delacruz
      Před měsícem

      Ironically hulking have some more complex origin. One that will be unveiled in young avengers storyline when he will be a scroll target.

  67. Kushagra Pandey Gmail
    Kushagra Pandey Gmail
    Před měsícem

    It's Disney plus series is going to be best

  68. LOLO Stanley
    LOLO Stanley
    Před měsícem

    I like and excited about the video. Can you send me a holiday card of her. Address: Nick Kwan 248 west Alexander Street, Chicago IL 60616 USA. Can you draw my house with the same color. Love you. I want to super house in video.

  69. Reynaldo Condes
    Reynaldo Condes
    Před měsícem

    Its cool to if Hailee Steinfeld become SPIDER GWEN

  70. Johnny Fountains
    Johnny Fountains
    Před měsícem

    I prefer Young Xmen. I like Jessica Jones. Kate Bishop is mine.

    Před měsícem

    cast of Hawkeye Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop / Hawkeye Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop Fra Fee as Kazi Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez Brian d'Arcy James Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez / Echo

  72. Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person
    Před měsícem

    This video literally came out just as I started taking aim on avengers 😂

  73. Bervickrose
    Před měsícem

    If they gonna replaced boseMan, why dont you pick ghost?! Omari chadwick for the new black panther?

  74. Info Time
    Info Time
    Před měsícem

    Clint is maybe a lazy character in the comics but I love him in the movies and by the way Clint is always my favorite Hawkeye

  75. vengefulhero
    Před měsícem

    Hawkguy. Get it right

  76. Arnav GUPTA
    Arnav GUPTA
    Před měsícem

    We have seen Kate Patriot Tommy Billy Cassie

    1. Loy Turns
      Loy Turns
      Před měsícem

      Eli Bradley appeared in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

  77. İtsme
    Před měsícem

    Young Avengers

  78. Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Před měsícem

    west coast Avengers is She Hawkeye

  79. Psychic kid studio's
    Psychic kid studio's
    Před měsícem

    They just keep throwing shade at Clint like dang tell me what you don't like about him

    1. Nuwan Delacruz
      Nuwan Delacruz
      Před měsícem

      Kate does that in the comics. Clint in comic version supposed to be lazy but funny. A chick magnet basically a good looking blonde something that is not an MCU clint version. I hope they will bring back that demeanor to clint to be compatible with kate.

  80. Avengers X1
    Avengers X1
    Před měsícem

    The Host, if she's skinny then she definitely look Ketty Perry.

  81. Rebeka Sucha
    Rebeka Sucha
    Před měsícem

    so be honest I read everithink with Kate Bishop, and I love them both. But I didnt read that mutch thinks with Clint. But I still love him. And Hailee Stainfield as Kate Bishop OH MY GOD, its gone be amazing.

    1. Nuwan Delacruz
      Nuwan Delacruz
      Před měsícem

      @Rebeka Sucha he's just alone with his potato head. Hahhaha

    2. Rebeka Sucha
      Rebeka Sucha
      Před měsícem

      @C-MC Official I don't think so, but is your opinion, and I will accept it.

    3. C-MC Official
      C-MC Official
      Před měsícem

      Hailee Steinfeld sucks at acting

  82. Priyanshu Ranjan
    Priyanshu Ranjan
    Před měsícem

    Matt fraction's Hawkeye run is so good. The upcoming Disney plus series is gonna be a loose adaptation of that. Too much excited 😍

  83. Cinema-Nerd goes to the movies
    Cinema-Nerd goes to the movies
    Před měsícem

    I 💜 Kate bishop. She is badass!

  84. AMAN
    Před měsícem

    I'm so happy for Hailee Steinfeld! She will be perfect Kate Bishop

    1. Muhammad Hafiz
      Muhammad Hafiz
      Před měsícem

      @C-MC Official boo 👎

    2. C-MC Official
      C-MC Official
      Před měsícem

      No she won't

  85. ???
    Před měsícem

    I have a feeling that she’s gonna take over Natasha's place.🤧😭

    1. Loy Turns
      Loy Turns
      Před měsícem

      I think Yelena Belova will be the new Black Widow in the MCU.

  86. Алексей Григоренко
    Алексей Григоренко
    Před měsícem


  87. Osama Morad
    Osama Morad
    Před měsícem

    What just happened , was young hulk blonde ... Who are we in this Multiverse? I cant believe black widow is delayed , Again !

    Před měsícem

    When will Shang Chi trailer come ?

    Před měsícem

    Well everything is coming together can't wait to see young avengers in live action

  90. barry allen
    barry allen
    Před měsícem

    I know hailee steinfeld would be the great hawkeye

  91. sudeep rebinson
    sudeep rebinson
    Před měsícem

    Thanks for good explanation🙏🙏😌😌😌

  92. Wolfgang 644
    Wolfgang 644
    Před měsícem

    Man after the team being introduced for about a decade ago they're finally gonna get thier due real soon

  93. Raj Modi
    Raj Modi
    Před měsícem


  94. Mahela Dilshan
    Mahela Dilshan
    Před měsícem

    Future avengers

  95. Xerxes 2500
    Xerxes 2500
    Před měsícem

    "If you want to change the world, start by making your bed" - Red Skull

  96. HappyGood 1K sub with 1 Video
    HappyGood 1K sub with 1 Video
    Před měsícem

    I want to see Kate Bishop Vs Hawkeye

  97. Sándy
    Před měsícem

    So cool to see new one..🤞

  98. Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson
    Před měsícem

    0:59 ☺️🥰❤️💚 hehe

  99. Ayush paswan
    Ayush paswan
    Před měsícem

    Marvel never end

  100. Ky_Franz
    Před měsícem

    Its wiccan and hulkling